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Statement of Faith

Policy on "speaking in tongues"

     Good News Clubs meet in the neighborhood where children live. We want to make it easy and convenient for them to attend. They meet most often in the friendly atmosphere of a home. This home can serve as a link between the church and the child's home, bringing the good news right to where the child lives.

     Christians who are concerned for boys and girls work together volunteering their time and energy to teach Good News Clubs. They are trained by Child Evangelism Fellowship of Eastern PA to have a club that is exciting and informative so that children will want to keep coming. Teachers are asked to sign the our Statement of Faith and agree to abide by the policies of the organization (CEF of E. PA is non-charismatic).  

      A Good News Club can identify a home in the neighborhood that is safe for a child to go to in time of trouble. It brings the teaching of biblical morality to his neighborhood. It connects the child and his family to others where they live developing a good community spirit.

There may be a Good News Club in your neighborhood, or YOU could host a club!

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     Released time class for children in grades 1-6: You won't want to miss this! Students must have parental permission to participate. These classes are usually held in a church or public building near the school. The children are transported by bus or van. They are accompanied to the classes by a teacher or helper of the Released-Time Class.

     These classes are not sponsored by school districts but by C
HILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP OF EASTERN PA, INC. The children hear a Bible lesson, sing gospel songs and choruses, learn a Bible memory verse and learn about mission.

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     Teacher Training Classes are held during the months of September through April. Classes are generally the second Tuesday of each month and run from 10am - noonish. Material covered in each class will differ, however each class will include material for CEF volunteers who are teaching and/or helping at Released Time Classes and Good News Clubs.

     Each class will also include material valuable to any person who works with children (parents, grandparents, church volunteers, VBS workers...)

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     At Good News Day Camp, children will have the wonderful opportunity to learn about the Bible, and about missionaries. The childern will also have fun participating in craft, game, and swim times.

We currently have 3 Good News Day Camps

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     Kiddie Kamp meets at the Heart Lake Club House in Montrose. There is one week of Kiddie Kamp available each summer. This day camp is for children ages 4 and 5. The children will learn Bible lessons, stories, songs, Bible verses, have a craft time, puddle time (in a kiddie pool), and of course, play time and lunch time.

     Kiddie Kamp does not run for as many hours as Good News Day Camp. If you are interested in Kiddie Kamp for your child, please call the office and see if there is still room. Space is limited.

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     5 Day Clubs are held during the summer for one week at a time. Children will come to a designated area in the neighborhood for one hour a day, Monday through Friday. They will be taught Bible lessons, verse memorization, songs, games, a missionary story, and also learn about missions.

Is there a 5-Day Club located close to your house?

Check back soon to find out where this years 5-Day Clubs will be located!

If you would like to find out more information concerning 5-Day Clubs please contact us.

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     Vacation Bible School: Child Evangelism Fellowship offers local churches, who agree with our Statement of Faith and Policy Relative to Speaking in Tongues, help with their Vacation Bible School. The CEF Summer Missionaries will go to the church and teach a 5-Day Club. The church is responsible for any other activities that they would like to add to the schedule.

     Contact the office to find out about dates and times.

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     Good News Booth at the Harford Fair: Stop by and see our booth! Children can make a free craft while hearing the story of the Wordless Book. The booth is located on the outside of the Building number 97, near the fairway.

     Not sure where the Harford Fair is located? Click this link to visit the
Harford Fair website. (Child Evangelism Fellowship of Susquehanna County is not responsible for the content of the Harford Fair site nor does our listing of their site mean that we agree with everything written or pictured therein.)

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